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Children's set Wellness Vitasan, blanket & pillow

Children's set Wellness Vitasan, blanket & cushion


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Product description:
The HEFEL Kids sets are perfectly developed for the needs of your children. The Kids Set is Ökotex 100 Baby Class 1 certified and guarantees the highest quality without harmful substances.

The specially developed 4-hole Vitasan® hollow fibre in Wellness Vitasan quilts not only provides excellent sleeping comfort but also inhibits the development of dust mites within the fibre filling. The fibre also reduces the growth of fungi and bacteria necessary for the dust mite food chain, ensuring a hygienic and hypoallergenic product.

Due to their 4-hole shape, Vitasan® hollow fibres are exceptionally light and breathable - and the filling can store a particularly large amount of warm air.

Material and quality:
Fabric: 100% cotton fine satin with aloe vera finish, white, with motif quilting
Filling: 100% HEFEL Vitasan 4-hole PES hollow fibre 380g, Single

Fabric: 100% Mako cotton, white without zip, quilted
Filling: 100% HEFEL Vitasan fibre balls, 80g

Blanket 100x135 cm
Pillow 40x60 cm

Blanket and cushion are washable at 60 degrees and tumble dry.