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HEFEL COOL cushion


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Product description:
HEFEL Cool is a range specially developed for hot summer nights - classic HEFEL products upgraded with an additional cooling function. Overheating often leads to restless sleep with little restorative effect. This is precisely where HEFEL Cool comes in. Cooling is provided by a special, soft fleece with PCM (Phase Change Material) microcapsules embedded on the surface. These release as much cooling effect as necessary to keep the sleeper in the comfort zone for as long as possible.

Thanks to an integrated fleece with PCM (Phase Change Material) microcapsules embedded on the surface, the HEFEL Cool pillow has a pleasant cooling effect and ensures a balanced comfort climate in bed. This improves falling asleep and sleeping through the night, because if our head has too much blood flow and is therefore too warm, it is more difficult to switch off. With the HEFEL Cool pillow you can keep a cool head and enjoy a relaxed sleep.

2-in-1: As the fleece is only attached to the top of the pillows there is no need to do without them on cooler days - simply turn them over!

Material and quality:
Cover: 100% cotton satin
Filling: 100% HEFEL-PES soft bubble fibre balls
Top side lined with 100% polyester fleece with integrated PCM capsules.
Confection: with zipper
100% Made in Austria

Sizes: 40x60, 50x70, 60x80, 70x90 cm

The cushion is washable in the gentle cycle at 40 degrees C. Afterwards let it air dry!