New Collection SS 2024

Bed linen Hefel

For exclusive sleep made from the finest TENCEL™-Lyocell fibers
Exclusive bed linen made from the finest TENCELfibers is an expression of timeless elegance and a synonym for purity and luxury. A delight for the eyes, an experience on the skin and a benefit for the body. Made from the finest TENCELMicro fibers, made of pure cellulose, Hefel Classic combines the pleasant properties of cotton with the pearlescent shimmer of silk. The Hefel bed linen collection 2021 sets fashionable accents with innovative digital printing - a printing process which, in contrast to conventional processes, requires less than one tenth of the water.

TENCEL™ - The fiber of the future
Tencel™ is the No. 1 in moisture management, skin-friendly, ideal for allergy sufferers, produced in an environmentally friendly way and reduces bacterial growth. The German Environmental Aid has calculated that 263 liters of water have to be used for one kilogram of Lyocell fibers, 5,000 liters for organic cotton and as much as 11,000 liters for conventional cotton.

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