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Down duvet SUPREME SL

Down comforter SUPREME SL


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Product Description:

A lightweight that provides ideal warmth balance with a unique weight reduction. With a fill power of 850+ cuin, there is nothing else like it!

The less weight resting on your body, the more relaxed your sleep! For this reason GANS developed the Supreme product line. Maximum reduction in appearance to save weight. The quality of down can be compared with its filling power. The higher the filling power is, the less down weight is needed, in order to achieve an ideal balance. It is hard to imagine that 1 kg of this unique, pure down reaches approx. 500 litres (at least 850+ cuin) volume! Whereby the extraction of course is according to the world's highest animal welfare standard (RDS-certificate).

The hyperfine batiste is woven from pure cotton and is naturally downproof. This means that the fabric complies with the NOMITE criteria and is therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers. In the weft here is a cotton yarn inserted which also meets all previous benchmarks. From 1 gram of this exquisite cotton, a yarn is spun that is an incredible 290 meters long (nm 290 = ne 172)!

A unique technical masterpiece "Made in Austria"!

Available in super light and normal thicknesses.

Warmth performance: superlight


Cover: 100% hyperfine cotton batiste

Filling: 100% new white goose down 850+ cuin

Total weight: less than 600 gr

Filling weight: super-light

140x200/150 gr filling

140x220/170 gr filling

200x200/220 gr filling

240x220/280 gr filling


Washable up to 60 degrees C with liquid wool or mild detergent. Tumble dry in the lowest drying cycle, in between please shake the blanket again and again to loosen the down.