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Duvet IMPERIAL DE LUXE 100% Cashmere

Duvet IMPERIAL DE LUXE 100% Cashmere, -30%


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Product Description:

Our fine Imperial De Luxe blanket with cashmere filling has been redesigned and is now available in two thicknesses, Mono and Duo.

Cashmere is the finest and most valuable natural hair filling. The downy hair of the cashmere goat from the Central Asian highlands enables optimal heat regulation and has unsurpassed heat retention. After sorting, only about 100g of the finest underhair remains per animal for bed production. The very fine, crimped hair is particularly soft, supple and so cuddly that one would never want to do without this little luxury. Imperial De Luxe nestles against the body like a breath.

Material and quality:
Filling: 100% precious Himalayan cashmere fluff
Cover: 100% mako precious batiste in the color Pearl, with goose print, bodyfit quilting
100% precious natural product

Sizes & filling weight:
Mono/Light summer blanket: 140x200 cm, filling weight 520 gr
Duo/Winter blanket: 140x200 cm, filling weight 1040 gr (2 filling layers)
Color: Pearl

The blanket is not washable, please only air regularly. Ideal is humid weather to air the blanket outdoors, then spread it out in a dry room.